Application - Spiritus Scolarship Award


Full Address

Phone Number


Grade Level (Jr. Sr.)

Grade Point Average

ACT Score

Classes attended senior year of high school


Extra Curricular Activities

Intended major in college

Have you completed the application for financial aid through the University of Mississippi Financial Aid Department?

Have you completed (if qualified) the Gates Millennium Scholarship application (recommended if qualified)?

Pending acceptance and aid, what is the likelihood you will attend the University of Mississippi?
100% Firm, I'm going to U of M
75% Very strong chance, leaning toward U of M
50% Good chance, toss up
25% chance

For Parents/Guardians:

All information confidential

Name (All Parents/Guardians)

Household Net Income

Household Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) on past year's tax returns

Household Estimated Net Worth (all assets minus all liabilities)

Written Essay Requirement

Please write and submit a one to two page essay about one of the following topics. We recommend that you take considerable time to think about and write the essay and then revisit this page and cut and paste into the contact form for submission. You may complete the application portion prior to submitting the essay.

  • I believe I am a well rounded individual because:
  • My favorite things in life are:
  • The people in the world that are the most important to me are:
  • My future is bright because:

Copy and Paste essay from a word document


Application - University of Misssissippi and Finacial Aid

After completing the Spiritus Application and receiving confirmation you will need to apply and be accepted to the University of Mississippi in order to receive the Spiritus Scholarship Award. See the below Freshman Guide to the University of Mississippi about requirements:

See this link for the application:

Contact: 1-800-OLE-MISS or by e-mail at

If you are a graduate of Mendenhall High School and have at least a 3.2 GPA and 21 ACT score you may apply for the Spiritus Scholarship Award. If you graduated from Mendenhall High School and went to junior college for a year or two you may still apply for the Spiritus Award. Include both your high school GPA and your junior college GPA on the application. The Alice E. Davis Spiritus Scholarship Committee awards the scholarships which are administered through the University of Mississippi Financial Aid Office. Therefore applicants will need to fill out forms on the following site. See the following links:

The University of Mississippi
Office of Financial Aid

Student Services Center
257 Martindale
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 38677
1-800-891-4596 Office Hours 8-5.

If you are chosen as a recipient of the Spiritus Scholarship Award we will need a high quality headshot or school portrait sent to to post on the web site.