Why Give?

100% of donor money to the Spiritus Scholarship Award goes directly to students four year university education. There are no administrative fees or charges. This compares with a 76% to 90% efficiency rate of most non-profit organizations (according to Forbes list of the top 200 charities in America.)

Many students from Simpson County Mississippi cannot afford to attend a four year university, or they are on the borderline for being able to attend. Some students end up with crippling debt from student loans that later hampers their ability to be productive after college. Spiritus Scholarship Award assistance can make the difference, providing flexible amounts of Award depending on the financial need of the students and their family. Though financial need is not a criteria for receiving the Award, it does play a primary role in determining the amount of the Award.

Mississippi has 16 of the poorest counties in the United States, and per capita income for Simpson County Mississippi is lower than the Mississippi average at $18,361.

The University of Mississippi consistently ranks in the top 100 of many of the Top Public Universities Value Awards.